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Is this how your Math's lesson Looks?

I came across this at school from one of my lecturers at university - Ann Gervasoni who had an almost unhealthy obsession with mathematics but was a brilliant lecturer nonetheless.  It is a great model for any teacher as to how to structure your maths lesson.  How does your maths lesson compare?




The Numeracy Session - a suggested lesson structure


“The maximum number of children engaging in the maximum amount of mathematics for a maximum amount of time”

Ann Maree Gervasoni, 2000


Mental Maths Activity (whole class)

v  A tuning in activity focusing on counting skill or an aspect of mental computation

v  Fun activities such as target games and skip counting

v  Whole class discussion to develop efficient mental strategies


Main Teaching Activity (whole class)

v  An investigation of a key mathematics topic

v  An opportunity for children to construct mathematical ideas and develop thinking skills

v  A focus on open questions that encourage children to discuss the strategies they used to solve a problem

v  Building mathematical vocabulary

v  Developing a positive attitude towards maths


Small groups and individuals

v  Reinforcing the ideas introduced earlier in the main teaching activity

v  Using different grouping approaches depending on the lesson content and the range of ability levels

v  Homogeneous small groups for explicit teaching and independent activities

v  Catering for individual needs e.g. additional assistance or extension


Share Time / Reflection

v  Articulating and sharing the strategies children used in the main teaching activity

v  Consolidating the learning that has been taking place

v  Reflecting on what ahs been learned

v  Addressing any misconceptions

v  Praising the progress that has been made

v  Setting activities to do at home