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Some literacy activities for Primary Students

What is it: I  have complied about half of my independent literacy tasks aimed at primary / elementary students .  The activities are included as a PDF with instructions and are very easy to follow all related to reading and literacy.  The activities are:  Make a puppet; Same story different Words; Picture Mobile; Mobile Building; Word Puzzles, Wanted Poster; So you want to be a Poet; Letter to the Editor; false Advertising; letter to a Friend; Radio Play; Going to the Theatre; Personality Plus; Don't Judge a book by it's cover; Illustrations; collages; Time lines, Larger than Life; Fables; Crosswords; I've lost my Page; I agree; They did what;

How can I use these in my classroom:  You can use these as either group or individual tasks for your students to work through over a period of time.  they are applicable to any text so you can ask students to relate them to a book being read as a whole group or as an individual text.  See how you go. 

Download the PDF here. I have a load more of these availble also that I will add.