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Video Games in the Classroom

I was scanning the news today when an article from the UK Telegraph caught my attention that Tetris is 25 years old.  Big deal... But then I thought did it take us 25 years to bring books, films and other mainstream media to the classroom?  Videogames do have a place in schools do have a place in schools and I have almost the research to prove it.

Currently my kids are undertaking a funded research project to explore if video games have a place in the classroom as a worthwhile teaching and learning tool.  At the moment we are about two thirds of the way through the project and I can offer some feedback on how it is all going.

I purchaed a Nintendo Wii, and a heap of brain training for Nintendo DS and simulation games such as Sim City for the kids to play for about 20 minutes per day to see what story was.

I tested their mathematical problem solving at the start of the project and will retest them again shortly so I can't comment on and don't expect a massive jump in this area in the space of a term just yet. 

But I can say they that the games are definitely engaging the kids and they are taking it all pretty serious. I can see a future for this in MY classroom purely as another tool to engage my kids in short bursts.

We have a Wikispace which is filling up pretty quick with feedback from the kids involved - And they really are offering some high level critique of the project so far.  It is really a medium they probably know better than any other age group.

So I will keep you posted on the hard data and facts when it's all over but.. I f you want a hook to engage your kids in worthwhile activities - choose the right games and give it a shot.